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Matters needing attention of the hydraulic cylinder of the earring type device

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In view of the operating conditions and operating requirements, so for different hydraulic cylinder, in order to ensure that it can meet the requirements of the operation, in the device when we need to choose a different device. Only in this way, you can ensure that they can successfully complete the task. So, what problems should the hydraulic cylinder of earring type device pay attention to? Here's how it works. Usually, in the course of carrying out the earring device, we need to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder earrings and mechanical earrings with pin connected together, so that the cylinder in a certain plane can be free to swing, the force is in a plane. For example, the earrings with spherical hinge, in the choice of this device method, it can be in the 4-degree conic angle range of the change. Most of the time, earrings are located at the end of the hydraulic cylinder, of course, we can choose to use single earrings, also can double earrings, but also can be made with a joint bearing single earrings or double earrings. In the process of installation, we need to take into account the load direction of the cylinder. This is because in the choice of this device method, allowing the load in one direction has a considerable swing range. But need to pay attention to is, and its insistence on the vertical in the other direction must not swing, can not have string movement. Otherwise, the hydraulic cylinder is subjected to a tortuous load with the earring as the fulcrum. In severe cases, it can even cause the piston rod to bend, causing the rod to break the head thread. It may also cause uneven wear of the guide sleeve. Other needs to take into account a problem is that care should be taken to adhere to the hydraulic cylinder sealing, otherwise it may cause leakage and other problems, affecting the system. Therefore, it is suggested that the users should avoid these problems and ensure the outstanding performance of the hydraulic cylinder in the process of installation