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What is the reason for the turbid oil in the hydraulic cylinder

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If the hydraulic cylinder is found to become cloudy, then we need to check in time, find out the specific reasons, in order to deal with. Usually, the reason why the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cylinder appears such a situation, then the first can be attributed to three reasons. Do you know what that includes? The following for us to come together to carry on the concrete content! First of all, we should timely check whether the water system in this system is mixed with oil, if so, it means that the push tissue V seal was damaged. Should be replaced with a new V ring; if not, then check that the fuel tank is not covered, causing water or other debris to enter, then the hydraulic oil should be filtered and water removed, the last condition is to check the components of the hydraulic system to confirm whether there is damage and oil contamination. Secondly, if we find that the main hydraulic cylinder piston rod vibration, then this time also need to be checked in time. The first check is: 1, whether the oil level is too low, resulting in the oil pump to breathe in air and cause hydraulic cylinder Piston prostrate, if this is the case, then it should be timely refueling, make it adhere to sufficient; 2, check whether the main oil pump oil absorption system leak, if this is the case, then the leak should be found in time for treatment. In addition to the above two primary reasons, but also may be due to the hydraulic cylinder push the Organization of the v-sealing ring tightness caused, generally after the overhaul is simple to show such a situation, then should be appropriate adjustment; It may be necessary to check whether the oil temperature is too high, resulting in the main hydraulic cylinder Piston Ring Bite. In short, in the process of hydraulic cylinder work, any problems appear need to be handled in time, only quickly solve, can reduce the loss.