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Buffer bed

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Product description
This product is suitable for coal mine transportation conveyor transportation, good quality, fair price, buy buffer bed to find Yangzhou Qianglin hydraulic, professional to create quality products for you, provide dedicated service! Welcome to map custom negotiation!
Buffer bed advantage
1. The buffer strip and the surface touch of the conveyor belt are useful to prevent damage to the conveyor belt.
2. The conveyor belt is evenly stressed at the blanking port, which greatly reduces the daily repair and maintenance costs.
3. It is useful to eliminate material splash and leakage caused by uneven force on the conveyor belt
4. The smooth surface of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene minimizes the friction during operation of the conveyor belt
5. The curved shape of the surface of the polyethylene layer ensures the smooth flow of the conveyor belt
6. Ultra-high elasticity special rubber layer can absorb material impact to the maximum extent
7. The parts of the buffer strip are connected by a thermal vulcanization process, which is compact and strong.
8. The planning of the bottom steel structure makes disassembly and assembly quick and easy
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